Privacy Policy

This section clarifies the Western CPFR divisions that may use your personal information.

Western CPFR connect specialists all over the world through events, intelligence and scholarly publishing. We’re a FTSE 100 company and our network of internationally respected brands help people to work smarter, make better decisions and grow in thousands of specialist markets.

Data and information are at the heart of what Western CPFR does, and we take matters of data privacy seriously. We respect our relationships with customers, clients, visitors, sponsors, exhibitors, contributors, suppliers and colleagues, and the trust they place in us to hold their personal information.

Western CPFR Data Controllers
This Privacy Policy explains how the members of the Western CPFR Group collect, use and protect personal information across our brands. References to “we”, “us” or “our” are to the relevant Western CPFR Controller processing your personal information.



International coverage and variation
Western CPFR operates in over 20 countries, which each have varying data protection laws. This Privacy Policy applies to all Western CPFR businesses across the world except to the extent a country specific requirement supplements the policy. These are listed in the menu on the left.

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This section explains what personal information we collect.

This section describes what personal information we may collect from you when you use our products and services, and what other personal information we may receive from other sources.

In this Privacy Policy, personal information refers to the types of personal information that may be collected and used, including:

• Contact details such as name, email address, postal address and telephone number
• Professional information
• Usernames and passwords
• Payment information, such as a credit or debit card number (via Stripe)

This personal information relates to the following categories of people:

• Visitors, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers at our events
• Professionals featured in digital and print products, such as senior executive details made available through intelligence products, research, publications
• Contacts of our service providers and business partners

We recognise the importance of protecting and managing personal information. Your personal information will be treated with the utmost care and security This section sets out some of the security measures in place.

We use a variety of physical and technical measures to keep personal information safe and prevent unauthorised access to ,or use or disclosure of it. Electronic data and databases are stored on secure computer systems with control over who has access to information using both physical and electronic means. Our colleagues receive data protection training and there is a set of detailed security and data protection policies which colleagues are required to follow when handling personal information.

While we take all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information will be kept secure from unauthorised access, we cannot guarantee it will be secure during transmission by you to a website or other services, as we do not control that transmission. We make use of HTTPS (HTTP Secure) whereby the communication protocol is encrypted via Transport Layer Security (TLS) for secure communication over a computer network. The website is loaded via HTTPS, represented by the lock icon in your web browser ensuring the transmission is secured with a certificate issued by an official security certificate authority to the Western CPFR Controller operating it.

More information on our use of cookies can be found in our Cookie Policy.

A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identifier that is automatically placed on a user’s computer or other device when the user visits a website. For more information, please visit our Cookie Policy link on the bottom of the website.

This section explains your legal rights in relation to how we process your personal information depending on jurisdiction.

Informa Group operates in countries with data protection laws that provide different rights to individuals in respect of access, deletion, rectification and limiting processing of personal information. In most cases the location of the Informa Controller will determine the rights you are entitled to.

The rights set out below apply regardless of where the Western CPFR is located. In order to understand the other rights, you have, use the links for the country where the Western CPFR you engage with is located.